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Performance Dates: May 6 – 21,  2022

Director: Barbara Sherman
Music Director/Conductor: Raquel García

:  All auditioners are required to show proof of COVID-19 VACCINATION in order to audition. Please wear masks except during the vocal audition.
Vocal:  Please prepare 16-32 bars of a song in the style of the show or from the show. No a cappella or recorded music will be permitted.  If you choose a song that is not from the show, please bring sheet music with written-out accompaniment for the accompanist.  A chord chart will not be accepted.  Music on phones will not be accepted.

All roles are open and unpaid.
We are seeking a diverse and energetic cast.

CALL BACKS: Sunday, December 19 at 7:00 pm.  Call back information will be sent to those called back by Monday evening, December 13 after the auditions.

MANDATORY REHEARSALS:  Attendance is required at the following: Sitzprobe (date TBD);Tech Week– Sunday, May 1, 1:30 ~ 10:30pm, May 2-4 from 6:30 ~ 10:30pm

QUESTIONS: please email

Cast of Characters-

Frederick Egerman: Male, 40-60, successful, widowed middle aged lawyer. Baritone, RANGE: A2–E4

Anne Egerman: Female, 18-25, Frederick’s very young and naïve wife- Soprano, RANGE: G#3–A5

Henrik Egerman: Male, 20-35, Frederick’s son from first marriage, –  Tenor, RANGE: G3–B4

Desiree Armfeldt: Female, 35-50 once-successful actress, middle aged- Mezzo-soprano,  RANGE: F#3-Ab5

Fredrika Armfeldt: Female, 12-16, teenage daughter of Desiree – Mezzo-soprano, RANGE: C4-Eb5 

Madame Armfeldt: Female, 70-85, Desiree’s mother –   Alto,  RANGE: C3-F#4

Carl-Magnus Malcolm: Male, 40-50, – Baritone, RANGE: G2–F#4

Charlotte Malcolm: Female, 35-45- Mezzo-soprano, RANGE: G3–F5

The Quintet: A group of 3 women and 2 men  (Preferably classically trained singers who are experienced at singing harmonies); ages may vary.

    1. Mrs. Nordstromhigh soprano – RANGE: G#3-E6
    2. Mrs. Anderssensoprano – RANGE: G#3-A#5
    3. Mrs. Segstrommezzo-soprano – RANGE:  G#3-G#5
    4. Mr. Erlansontenor – RANGE: G#2- A#4 
    5. Mr. Lindquistbaritone/low tenor – RANGE: G2-G#4

Petra: Female, 25-40, young servant- mezzo-soprano- RANGE:  F#3–F5

Frid: Male, 25-40 servant

Non-singing roles: Servants Malla, Osa, Bertrand

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