The Who’s Tommy

Pete Townshend’s tale of a young boy’s journey from pain to triumph is electrifying. Post WWII England, Tommy becomes catatonic after he witnesses the murder of his mother’s lover by his father. When his pinball playing ability is discovered, he is able to break from his catatonia and becomes an international superstar. This powerful tale of a deaf, mute and blind pin-ball player who becomes an international messiah bursts on the stage in this multi-award winning adaptation of the original chart-topping rock album. Hit songs include “Pinball Wizard,” “See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me,” “Sensation,” and more.




Tommy: Cory Meccariello
Mrs Walker: Tara Dromgoole Feathers
Capt. Walker: Tom Lamphere
Uncle Ernie: Jon Rivkind
Cousin Kevin: Danny Seifert
Gypsy: Mia Mbuy
Sally Simpson: Suzanne Rainear
Minister/Mr. Simpson: Paul Joslin
Minster’s Wife/Mrs. Simpson: Dawn Sheppard
The Hawker: Barry Polis [Nov. 4, 6, 11,12, 19], Craig Ratner [Nov. 5, 12, 18]
The Specialist: Barry Polis
10 year old Tommy: Noah Salmanson [Nov. 4, 6, 12, 18], Quintin Seifert [Nov. 5, 11, 13, 19]
4 year old Tommy: Alex Nardo [Nov. 4, 6, 12, 18], Dakota Seifert [Nov. 5, 11, 13, 19]


Christopher Betzler, Tami Dimmerman, Megan Higgins, Paul Joslin, Aviva Legatt, Joel Legatt, Rachel Pogolowitz, Craig Ratner, Mike Salmanson, River Seifert, Liz Sutton, Maggie Szeder, and Christina Webster


Keyboards: Talia Yellin Fisher (conductor), Lynn DellaPietra, Brian Shapella
Guitars: Jon Cooper, Andrew Bowser
Bass: Kyle Ennis
Drums: Todd Feathers, James Dilks [matinees only]
French Horn: Peter Appelbaum


Director: Linda Galati Hunt
Asst. Director: Michele Davis-Tortu
Choreographer: Tom Stumme
Band Director: Talia Yellin Fisher
Vocal Director: Mark Urmson
Stage Manager: Sarah Pogolowitz
Co-Producers: Ginny Swann, Brian Mahoney

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