The Dining Room

nct-dining-room-logo-lg Gurney’s “Dining Room” is a touching and funny elegy about the decline of formal dining in America.

It makes a case that people need time and space together to truly connect – a time and place where generations learn from each other.

“The Dining Room” – where we learn to become a family.

Photos taken by Nicolas Baroudi – Baroudi Design – All rights reserved.

Director: Cheryl Chewkanes


Nancy Bennett
Matthew Fennelly
Randy Frame
Carl Heyde
Robert Holsapple
Loretta Lucy Miller
Keara M. Piekanski
Jody Seymour


May 7, 8, 14, 15, 21 & 22 2010 at 8 PM
Matinees, May 9 & 16 2010 at 2 PM

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