Jesus Christ Superstar

March 2011


Jesus Christ: Tom Lamphere / (Tim Reilly: 3/18 & 3/24)
Judas: Jim Goniea / (Justin Walsh: 3/18 & 3/24)
Mary Magdalene: Stacy Smith
Pilate: Mark Maher
Caiaphas: John Briner
Annas: Randy Frame
Herod: Vincent Capriotti
Peter: David Gilbert
Soul Girl/Elisabeth: Gillian Telford
Soul Girl/Tarah: Joanne McBride
Soul Girl/Rebecca: Suzanne Spencer
Soul Girl/Chloe: Jenn Welby
Simon: Will Scantling
Priest/Philip: Chris Carmen
Priest/James the Less: Doug Smith
Maid by fire/Damaris: Dawn Sheppard
Man @denial/John: Scott Klaum
Man @denial/Bartholomew: Gary Bullock
James: Eric Schnittke
Matthew: Robin Pemantle
Andrew: Andrew Bowser
Thaddeus: Jon Rivkind
Thomas : Ray Gutowski
Mary (Mother): Nancy Carolen
Anna: Renee Grant
Jesca Aviva Legatt
Lydia Marianne Godfrey


Piano: Lynn DellaPietra
Guitar: Jonathan Cooper
Guitar: Rob DeVitis
Bass Guitar: Pepper Duffy
Keyboards: Rodney Atienza
Drums: Greg Angiolillo

Production Team

Director: Linda Galati Hunt
Music Director: Lynn DellaPietra
Choreographers: Joanne McBride
Assistant Director: Michele Davis
Stage Manager: Brenna McBride
Assistant Stage Manager: Anne Marie Scalies
Producer: Susan Davit


Set: Christopher Haig
Props: Beth McTamney
Costumes: Christine Jackson, Robert Marsch
Light: Brian Mahoney
Sound: Bill Duffy
Construction: Fisher

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