WHEN: Sunday, June 2 & Monday, June 3

TIME:  7:00pm [doors will open at 6:30] please arrive before 8:00pm   

WHERE: Narberth Community Theatre, 6376 City Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19151(located within               Overbrook Presbyterian Church)



Vocal: Please prepare 16-32 bars of a song in the style of the show or from the show. No a cappella or recorded music will be permitted.  If you choose a song that is not from the show, please bring sheet music with written-out accompaniment for the accompanist.

Dance: Please, come prepared for a dance audition with proper shoes and clothing. The dance audition will consist of a ballet and tap audition. All are required to participate in the dance audition.  

Readings: Will be at the discretion of the Director.

CALL BACKS: Tuesday, June 4 at 7pm, if needed.  Call back information will be sent to those called back on Monday evening after the auditions.

REHEARSALS:  Due to the high demands of this show, some rehearsals will be scheduled as early as August.  Rehearsals will begin in earnest in September; Sunday [afternoons and/or evenings] Monday and Tuesday evenings.  Some Saturday rehearsals will be scheduled.

MANDATORY REHEARSALS:  Attendance is required at the following; Sitzprobe, Sunday, October 13th 6:30-10:30 and Tech Week Sunday, October 27, 1:30 ~ 10:30   October 28, 29, 30 from 6:30 ~ 10:30

PERFORMANCES:  November 1,2,8,9,15,16 – 2019 at 8:00pm  November 3 & 10 – 2019 at 3:00pm



Book & Lyrics by Lee Hall

Music by Elton John

Billy Elliot the Musical is Elton John and Lee Hall’s adaptation of the acclaimed 2000 film, written by Hall and directed by Stephen Daldry. Set in County Durham (North Eastern England) during the miners’ strike of 1984-85, the plot revolves around Billy, a motherless boy who trades boxing gloves for ballet shoes. It is through his love of dance that Billy discovers a passion that unites his family, inspires his community, and changes his life forever. Hall’s screenplay, and the musical adaptation, was inspired in part by A.Cronin’s 1935 novel about a miners’ strike, The Stars Look Down, to which the musical’s opening song pays homage.

BILLY ELLIOT: (10-13; Vocal range bottom: E3. Vocal range top: C5.  – BOY SOPRANO) A boy who stumbles upon a ballet class and develops a passion for dance. To him, dance is a way to feel whole and free himself from the problems of life. He finds himself stuck between appeasing family and chasing his newfound love.

JACKIE ELLIOT: (Vocal range bottom: A2. Vocal range top: Eb4. – BARITONE)  Billy’s stoic father. A widowed miner struggling with maintaining a household in lieu of a work strike, he is still deeply scarred by the death of his wife. Billy’s dancing initially sends him into a rage but he learns to support his son.

TONY ELLIOT: (18-25; Vocal range bottom: D3. Vocal range top: F4. – BARITONE) Billy’s brother.  A lazy but passionate miner. Hotheaded and scrappy with seemingly no regard of respect for his father, although he shares his disapproval of dance.

GRANDMA: (60-75; Vocal range bottom: F#3. Vocal range top: F#4. – ALTO) Billy’s eccentric grandmother. She is forgetful and a little aloof.  Despite her inattention, she harbors a bitter resentment towards her dead abusive husband but has found solace through dance.

MUM: (30-40; Vocal range bottom: G3. Vocal range top: C5. – MEZZ0 SOPRANO) Mum died a couple of years earlier, leaving behind her two sons, Tony and Billy, and her husband, Jackie. Although she is no longer alive, she is still very much alive in Billy’s memory. Mum wrote Billy a letter to open when he turns eighteen, but he’s opened it and read it already. She encourages him to follow his dreams and his heart.

MRS. WILKINSON: (35-50; Vocal range bottom: Gb3. Vocal range top: Bb5. – ALTO) The local ballet teacher who eventually becomes Billy’s mentor. Hardened and mouthy, she actually has capacity for caring when she sees promise in Billy. Believes in the power of personal expression through dance.

MICHAEL: (10-13; Vocal range bottom: A#3. Vocal range top: B4. – BOY SOPRANO) Billy’s careless and fun-loving best friend. He lives in the realm of expressing oneself, going so far as to commonly dress in women’s clothing.

Mr. BRAITHWAITE: (40’s/Baritone) Mr. Braithwaite is the accompanist for Mrs. Wilkinson’s ballet class. He is reliable and dedicated to the ballet students, and clearly devoted to Mrs. Wilkinson. He is quiet and shy in his demeanor, often appearing in the background. However, as Mrs. Wilkinson encourages Billy to dance, Mr. Braithwaite reveals himself to be a talented dancer.

DEBBIE WILKINSON: (9-12) The ballet teacher’s daughter. A bit standoffish and argumentative, her childhood crush on Billy leads her to constantly discourage him. She dances and sings with the ballet girls.

GEORGE: (35-45; Spoken) George is a miner in a small village in the north-east of England. He is currently on strike, along with the rest of the miners. He is also the village boxing coach and tells Jackie Elliot, that his son, Billy, has not been coming to his boxing classes. George does not understand Billy’s fascination with dancing, but eventually supports him and helps to raise money for Billy to travel to London to audition for The Royal Ballet School. George does not have any solo singing, but sings with the ensemble.

BIG DAVEY: One of the miners and leaders of the strike. Big and good natured.

LESLEY: Another miner and strike leader. Organizes much of the picketing and other strike activities.

BALLET GIRLS: (8-15) The rest of the girls in Billy’s ballet class; fun loving and excitable.  All girls will sing and dance. A total of 10 girls will be cast.

SMALL BOY AND TALL BOY: (8-13) These boys represent the rest of the boys in the village from classmates to boxing partners.

ENSEMBLE: The ensemble plays multiple roles including miners, police, teachers, etc… Ensemble members range in ages from 18-70 and include both men and women. Roughly 12-16 ensemble members will be cast in the show.

Questions? Contact Director John Cochrane at:

Director: John Cochrane, jr

Music Director/Conductor: Raquel Garcia

Choreographer: Lauren McGinnis