Sunday 11/17 at 7:00 PM
Monday 11/18 at 7:00 PM

Callbacks:  Sunday 11/24 at 7:00 PM


Narberth Community Theatre: 6376 City Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19151   On the corner of City Ave & Lancaster Ave (in Overbrook Presbyterian Church)

Audition Requirements

MUSIC: We are looking for 16-32 bars in the style of the show. There are no restrictions on the song, if you wish to sing a song from The Drowsy Chaperone you may. Recommendations: If there is a specific role you would like to be considered for, please prepare that song. You may be asked to sing something from the show. Sheet music in the correct key is required, there will be a pianist.

DANCE: A dance combination will be taught at auditions, please dress comfortably for movement in the dance audition.

Rehearsals: Rehearsals will be 3 times a week (Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday at 7pm) Tech week will run March 1st-4th

Performance Dates: March 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21 at 8:00pm;                                                                          March 8, 15 at 3:00pm


Character List:

Man in Chair (age 35-60) – Narrator and host. He is a neurotic shut-in and aficionado of Golden-Age musical theater. He listens to his record collection of classic Broadway shows to pick up his mood when he’s feeling down. The character engages directly and earnestly with the audience. He should be funny and charming but also realistic and natural.
Vocal range: baritone Dance: Limited

Janet Van de Graaff (20-30) – Star of Feldzieg’s Follies who is retiring from show business to marry Robert Martin. She is the classic 1920’s starlet and ingénue.
Vocal range: mezzo Dance: Advanced (can safely pull of tricks (splits, acrobatics, contortion, juggling, etc.)

Robert Martin (20-30) – Lead role – The groom who is in love with Janet Van de Graff. He is the classic 1920’s leading man: charming, handsome, and a matinee idol. He is cheesy, cheerful, and optimistic.
Vocal range: tenor Dance: Advanced (Must be able to tap dance and roller skate.)

The Drowsy Chaperone (45-55) – Janet’s acerbic witted and alcoholic confidante. This role is played as The Grand Dame of the Theater: an aging diva that will steal every scene and skillfully chew the scenery. A big comedic role.
Vocal range: alto Dance: Moderate

Aldolpho (40 – 55) – Latin Lothario. An over-confident buffoon that specializes in over-acting. Fake accent and excellent comic timing required.
Vocal range: baritone Dance: Moderate

Mrs. Tottendale (45-60) – The wealthy host of the wedding. She is dizzy and forgetful, but always sweet and charming. She is oblivious to the mayhem that surrounds her in the show.
Vocal range: alto Dance: Limited

Underling (40-50) – Mrs. Tottendale’s butler. He is a classic English butler with a long suffering attitude, and understated sense of humor. He delivers lines with a dry sense of humor and sarcasm.
Vocal range: tenor Dance: Moderate

Feldzieg (35-50) – Broadway producer who wants to stop the wedding and get Janet back in show business. He is an insensitive blowhard and a nervous wreck.
Vocal range: baritone Dance: Moderate

Kitty (25 – 30’s) – 1920’s blonde chorine. She is the companion of Mr. Feldzieg and is trying to get the role of leading lady in his show. Nasal and annoying, but not mean.
Vocal range: mezzo or soprano Dance: Moderate/Advanced

George (20-40) – The Best Man. He is loyal, affable, sincere, and nervous. He is a good friend to Robert. He works hard to keep the wedding from being derailed.
Vocal range: tenor Dance: Moderate – must be able to tap.

Gangsters 1 & 2 (30-40) – Stereotypical happy-go-lucky Broadway gangsters posing as pastry chefs. Complicated wordplay, classic New York accents and good comic timing required.
Vocal range: baritone Dance: Moderate/Advanced

Trix (25-50) – A confident female aviator. She is a strong woman living a life of adventure. May double in ensemble.
Vocal range: mezzo Dance: Moderate

Ensemble (Ages 20 & up) – A strong ensemble. actors play many characters. (Tottendale’s staff, Monkeys, reporters, photographers, Chinese monks, wedding guests) Opportunities for featured dancers
All vocal ranges. Dance: Limited to Advanced All ensemble must move well.


Narberth Community Theatre is a membership based organization, all roles are open and unpaid.


If you have any questions or concerns please email: